Underfloor Heating

At Innkeeper Liquid Screed we can also offer our customers a complete underfloor heating & screed package

Underfloor heating has been around since Roman times. It is an efficient unobtrusive way of heating as it uses the floor as a radiator. The lower temperatures required to heat to normal room temperatures make it an ideal partner for green renewable  sources like ground, air, solar, etc heat systems. When partnered with traditional boilers it can achieve up to 20% operating cost saving thanks to its greater efficiency.

Underfloor heating system falls into 2 categories which are;

  • ELECTRICAL -normally matting
  • WET- water filled pipe work from boiler/heat source is integrated into the floor structure.

Innkeeper uses the later. Our underfloor heating products are designed and manufactured in Germany, We believe they are the best on the market and use them in our own homes & projects. Your underfloor heating system will be designed by technicians to ensure the correct heat output for your property/project. Innkeeper will install your system from the design. We will then cover the pipe work with liquid flowing screed to correct depth. Job done apart from that is our comprehensive aftercare customer service.

Innkeeper Liquid Screed

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