Q  Where can I find the data sheets for Gyvlon?

A  View the Gyvlon Datasheets here we recommend you download the data sheet and view it in Adobe Reader so you can read it more easily, alternatively you can print it.

Q  What are the costs of liquid screed?

A   This very much depends on several factors including amount of screed needed & location of jobsite, however, for example  a floor of 150m2 and a screed laid at 50mm typically between £13-18 per m2

Q  What is minimum thickness liquid screed can be laid

A  Liquid screed laid on top of insulation 35mm, installed over ufh a minimum 35mm cover to pipe work.  If screed is to be bonded to floor substrate  30mm.  Absolute minimum thickness 25mm.

Q How long does screed take to fully dry?

A Screed will dry at a rate of 1mm per day up to a thickness of 40mm then at 0.5mm a day thereafter. However liquid screed can be force dried after 7 days using commissioned ufh system and/or dehumidifiers which can reduce drying time by half.

Q what preparations need to be made when laying floor tiles over screed?

A Ensure the screed is fully dried to a moisture content of 5% or less, then as with all screeds apply min 2 coats of acrylic primer prior to tiling. (Always consult with tile supplier / contractor prior to tiling).

Q Will I receive post installation guidelines?

A  Absolutely at Innkeeper Liquid Screed Ltd we are committed to provide a full and comprehensive aftercare service offering our customers advice on post installation guidelines and post installation products